I Sell Juice!!!

Summer has finally arrived. What better way to spend a hot summer day than on the driveway selling juice?

On our way home from the Y, Liam said let’s have a juice stand. My first reaction was to say not today, but I took a moment before answering. I realized there was really no good reason for me to say no, so I said sure let’s do it!

He originally wanted to make blueberry and lemon juice but we didn’t have enough. We ended up freshly juicing oranges, carrots and apples with a splash of sparkling water. Delicious!

While I was juicing Liam was making his sign.

20140626-152515-55515664.jpg I gave him the letters to trace and he wrote very well. Proud mama!

We setup shop and waited. And waited some more. I was praying for a neighbor to come out.

Then lo and behold my neighbor came over!! His first customer!! He was so very excited. Audrey was out helping at this point. I think having reinforcements made him feel a bit better.

Between customers he would yell, “I sell juice.” Then he would get discouraged because nobody was coming. We talked about building his business and having to be patient waiting for his customers since he was a new business.

All in all, it was a great learning experience. He ended with four customers. One even tipped him. It’s all he can talk about and wants to have a juice stand every day.

Did You Know?

My phone says 5:57 PM. I’m not sure what time zone we’re in to be completely honest. But that’s not really relevant. Before I left, well months ago, I pinned a pin on Pinterest from a woman who was going on a trip and left her daughter a note with an activity for everyday she was gone. That pin (which I will link to when I’m no longer on an airplane) inspired this post.

I last year when I took this trip last year I was feeling a bit unsure about leaving LAL. This I feel fine about it. They’re a little bit older, I’m a little bit wiser so all is good. In an effort to make sure they know I’m thinking about them and they know what I am doing. I put together a series of activities for them to do five out of the four days I am away. The theme is Hawaii…surprise surprise! Here they are: