Most Useful Monday: Patience and Going with the Flow

My iPad says 3:56 PM,I don’t know if its eastern or central time. I’ve been up since about 4:15 AM and the kids since close to 5. Our first flight from Boston left at 7:40 AM to Chicago.


Traveling with three toddlers is nothing short of fun, exhausting, and stressful all at the same time. We arrived to the airport with what I thought was plenty of time to get to the gate but between security, a bathroom break and little legs we got to the gate 10 minutes prior to departure. Once we got there the gate agent was none too happy when I told her the seats we were given weren’t together and I had small children. I’m pretty sure her words went something like, “you expect me to do this 10 minutes before the flight? You gotta get here earlier.” To which my response was, “Believe me, I was here, I have triplets.” I really wanted to give her a big fat “F YOU” but thought better of for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to make it to KC on time. Second, I have to lead by example and I have to constantly remind myself of that! Anyway, she got us on with seats together. I’m grateful for that. Leg one went off without a hitch. Lily and my mom (thank goodness for her) were together and I was between Audrey and Liam.

Next, a long ass layover in Chicago. It was originally two hours but turned into three +. My mom is a United Sky thing member so we were able to spend the majority of the layover there. Liam loves flying and airplanes. He kept going back and forth to the window to check out the planes.

All three loved riding the shuttle (which they called a bus) to change terminals which I thought was funny. Maybe it’s because of the song.

Finally, our flight to KC

I started this post on the plane but I am just getting to finish it tonight. I posted a version of this photograph on Facebook and my best friend commented, “First class, nice…” Or something similar. I couldn’t help but laugh my butt off when I read it. We definitely were not in first class, the plane only had three seats per row!!! I was sitting across the aisle from Audrey and Liam. When I first heard there were only seats A, B, and C, I was pissed. In my mind there was NO way my two year olds were going to be fine with sitting by themselves on an airplane. Boy, was I WRONG!!!!! My kids are rock stars!!! They handled take off and landing like champs. Granted I was able to reach across and hold Liam’s hand when he needed me too. I was floored to be completely honest.

This morning was our first time out of the house since we arrived. It was freezing but we needed the fresh air and they loved walking the streets of Country Club Plaza.


I don’t think I need to explain why patience and going with the flow are useful but I will say there were a couple of things that helped. First, a whole bunch of snacks and gum. Second, the dollar aisle at Target! Third, my iPhone and our iPads</a. And last, individual backpacks. The backpacks really were key (eternally grateful to, one of my nearest and dearest, Jen) I was able to separate all their things and not have to keep digging in my bag. We all did really well and I’m happy we’re not flying for another two weeks 😃.

Most Useful Monday: PeaPod (update)

Update 11/16/12: The CPC has issued a recall They are offering a remedy for consumers that have purchased their PeaPods.

When LAL were about ten months old we went to my mother- in- law’s house for a visit. We had been there for a while and the munchkins were getting cranky. The plan was to take them upstairs and put them down for a nap. There was only one problem there was nowhere to put them. They had outgrown the pack n play and I certainly was not going to buy two more to lug a total of three around. There were too many little bodies to set up a Great Wall of pillows around them on a bed and too many distractions to set up a cozy spot on the floor. They didn’t take a nap that day. No bueno. With the next free moment I had, I got to searching and found this:


Amazing!!!! The PeaPod is by far one of the greatest pieces of gear we have. When you have three children the same age EVERYTHING is a process. Figuring out logistics make these processes go much smoother. Obviously we didn’t think of the logistics for the trip to Grammy’s house. Never would I go through that again. I love our PeaPods!! They are essentially pop up tents for munchkins. For $90 you get a Peapod, an air mattress, a pump (great arm workout), a sleeping bag and a carrying bag. I can have all three set up and easy to go in about 15 minutes. They’re lightweight and I can fit all three in a big bag when flying.

The one downfall is the material. Do you remember parachute pants for the 80’s? Do you remember the god awful sound they would make as you’d walk down the hall? If I can, I try to put the PeaPods in a different room than mine because every move made is heard. It’s a small price to pay or now that I think of it I could get earplugs 🙂

LAL thoroughly enjoy them for the most part, they went through a short period of not loving them ( would still sleep in them) but quickly got over it. I always make sure to bring their pillow pets and one of their own blankets ( I haven’t used he sleeping bags yet) to make them more comfortable. Now they jump right in and get cozy!

Update 11/16/12: The CPC has issued a recall They are offering a remedy for consumers that have purchased their PeaPods.

Most Useful Monday: Podee

I know it’s not technically Monday but we were having too much fun with my bestie Heather and her girls to stop and blog. So here I am a little late but as the saying goes “better late than never,” right? Right.

My most useful for today is the Podee. This little bugger is a hidden gem. Anyone that saw me with them couldn’t believe their eyes. A Podee is a hands free bottle. “How can it be?” you ask. It’s ingenious. A bottle with the nipple attached to a flexible tube.


This was perfect for the transition between us holding their bottles for them and LAL doing it themselves. Don’t get me wrong we didn’t use these exclusively for that period of time. They were a supplement bottle to our regular ones. They allowed me to leave the house alone without having to make a big production out of feeding three munchkins. I am frequently road tripping to see my family, and this was heaven sent.

When LAL were a bit younger I would have to get the flow going for them. Once I did, I’d pop it in their mouths and they’d suck to their hearts content. As they became more comfortable and their fine motor skills increased LAL were able to take the nipple out and put it back in at will.

The one problem I had, was (actually it was more with me than with the product but I’ll blame the bottle) if the nipple was not screwed in really tight there wouldn’t be enough suction to draw the formula up. It’s a quick fix but when I had a cranky baby wanting to eat it was always the last thing I thought of. I also found using a number four nipple to be very leaky. If the baby takes it out the formula is free flowing.

We loved it and always tell anyone having a baby (especially multiples) it is a must-have.