Love That Dirty Water?

I’ve lived in New England for over 15 years. As I’ve mentioned before it has taken me close to 12 years to feel like I really fit in here. Actually it wasn’t until I had LAL that I stopped moaning about wanting to move back to NJ. I think it took me having children to find a group of people that I could relate to. In no way am I discounting friendships I have made during the first 12 years but, I do have a couple of true friends that I met early on and I am grateful for them. But sadly with the majority there was a common thread, anyone I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with left New England. One thing to know about this region is that it’s roots run deep.

To be completely honest I haven’t fully given myself to New England but am I starting to come around. I will always be a Jersey girl, I will always say “cawfee” and I will never say “pahk” nor will my children for that matter (I’ve already started the correction of the silent R). Over the summer we took LAL to the Museum of Science, we always park on the top level of the garage, and this is what I saw

I thought to myself who could not enjoy something so beautiful. I even sent a text to my Jersey girls showing them that photograph saying I might be starting to like Massachusetts. Flash forward to the past two weeks, I posted these photos…



I see progress being made if I am taking photos AND posting them, of my munchkins in anything other than NY or NJ sports gear. With all this being said, after the events of the Boston marathon this year I can say it is only fitting that the Boston Red Sox won the World Series, in Boston. I am a part of Boston, Boston is a part of me. I have lived my pain of the marathon as have many others their own. I am Boston Strong, we are Boston Strong. This is exactly what this city needed. So, do I love that dirty water? I cannot say love just yet but I am starting to like it!