Bad Guy Potion

The other morning Liam asked me if the bad guys were still here. I asked him, “What bad guys?” He looked at me and said, “Remember mama, we were on the stairs and they were behind us and they made us invisible?” At first, I was going to brush it off and disregard the bad guys. Then I thought about the night before.

Liam had come into our room several times. He came and snuggled with me for a bit and then took him back to his bed. A few minutes later he came back asking me to sit with him. I groggily obliged. Liam laid with his eyes wide open looking from side to side. He told me he didn’t like the star above his head so I turned ladybug (one of the best gifts we’ve ever gotten, thank you Jess) to give him new stars and he started to drift.

He must have had a bad dream. I told him the bad guys were gone and they won’t be coming back. He asked how I knew they weren’t going to come back. I said, “Well we’re going to make bad guy potion.” He was intrigued.

I ran down to the basement, grabbed some glitter, a few beads, glycerin and a spray bottle. First, I let each munchkin choose a “special jewel.” Next, I added water to the spray bottle and let them each shake some glitter into the bottle then their special jewel. After they did their jobs, I put in a few drops of glycerin so the sparkles don’t settle right away.

Now for the bad guy potion ritual. We all stood in front of the front door and they each sprayed one spray in front of the door. Then we went to the back door and sprayed that door. I figured the two major entrances should cover it. I told them the potion would travel all over the outside of the house and it was impenetrable to bad guys. Last but not least w had to seal the shield by eating ice cream!



The next day Liam asked me if I saw any bad guys last night. I said I had not and asked if he had. With a big smile, he said, “No.”

Job done!!

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